The High Desert Fitness Challenge was started 8 years ago as staff from Desert Valley Hospital and the Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation saw value in getting people moving and interested in exercise. Attracting primarily senior citizens at first, the annual event grew and eventually introduced a popular corporate challenge. Today, the event has taken on special significance in the High Desert and has the feel of a local Olympics, promoting a healthy lifestyle and camaraderie among residents and businesses.

“There is a healthy competition between corporate teams who enjoy the bragging rights that a victory brings them. But more importantly, this community-wide event brings together people of all ages, from kids to seniors, who get the opportunity to showcase their skillsets whether it’s pickle ball, Zumba or poker. Shuffling cards may not sound too challenging for some of our athletes but it opens the door to the entire community,” according to Tina Howard, Desert Valley Hospital’s Director of Marketing. “Obviously, the emphasis is on physical activity but we also want everyone to have fun and we don’t want to exclude anyone from participating.”

The event is spread over several weeks and occurs from September 7th through September 28th at various venues. Strength, Passion and Pride is this year’s theme and reflects the real spirit of the event. The team events scheduled include a 5K Relay, Bike Relay, Tug-o-War, Rock Climbing, Obstacle Course, Tennis, Disc Golf, Softball, Billiards, Flag Football, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, and Poker. The senior events slated include Tennis, Billiards, Table Tennis, Pickle Ball, Mall Walk, Bowling, Poker, Zumba, and Bocce Ball.

*For more information or to participate email or check the schedule