According to the Lown Institute, Prime Healthcare Hospitals rank among the top 10 healthcare facilities for the most cost-efficient health systems in the United States. It evaluates the cost efficiency of over 3000 U.S Hospitals, and its Cost Efficiency Metric measures how care facilities achieve high-quality care outcomes at low cost to Medicare.

The Lown Institute evaluates hospital performance across health outcomes, equity and value. The Institute also carries out research and sparks public debate to eliminate the gap between prevalent public policy solutions and care US citizens need.

Prime Healthcare operates 45 hospitals in 14 states across the United States and is ranked among the top 10 care facilities for cost efficiency by the Lown Institute. Two Prime Healthcare Hospitals have ranked among the top ten in the list. They are the Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Reno, NV the second place, and Encino Hospital Medical Center, in Encino, CA at the fourth.

The Quest for Care Quality Efficiency

The Medicare program covers the healthcare costs of close to 60 million people across the United States. To keep the cost of care low, the care facilities linked to Medicare must be highly efficient, delivering Value-Based Care(VBC) that focuses on quality care outcomes.

Among the 3000 healthcare facilities analyzed by the Lown Institute, the average 30-day mortality rates ranged between $9000 to $27000 for every patient. The Lown Institute analyzed the care outcomes of hospitalized Medicare patients from 2016. The analysts used claims data and adjusted them for both cost and mortality rates after accounting for the patient risk. The total Medicare cost is included in the claims from inpatient rehabilitation facilities and post-discharge claims. All the healthcare facilities with the lowest mortality rates and costs scored high in cost efficiency, and Prime Healthcare facilities were among the top-ranked in this study.

Physician-Led, patient-centered, and Prestigious

Prime Healthcare was founded in 2001 by Dr. Prem Reddy, MD, a cardiologist, and medical entrepreneur. Over the years since its inception, Dr. Prem Reddy has transformed it into a physician-led, patient-centered hospital system designed to drive value, clinical outcomes, and health equity for patients.

Dr. Prem Reddy’s leadership team has focussed relentlessly on community healthcare, and the widespread recognition Prime Healthcare receives for clinical excellence is a testament to their effort. Earlier in September, Healthgrades, the collaborative portal connecting patients, physicians, and health systems, bestowed 314 quality awards and 73 specialty excellence awards to Prime Healthcare for its outstanding healthcare quality.

We are honored that our healthcare facilities are recognized for their social responsibility, cost-efficiency, and clinical excellence. We thank our staff and physicians for being the ideal taskmasters because, without their dedication and commitment, our mission to ensure communities have hospitals that provide the highest quality would be incomplete.” Said Dr. Sunny Bhatia, Chief Medical Officer of Prime Healthcare.

Onwards to a Better Future

Prime Healthcare has grown exponentially in the last two decades under the guiding light of Dr. Prem Reddy. Its success in value-based clinical protocols and business leadership has led to its juggernaut progress.

Prime Healthcare has received over $1.8 billion in investments, and the leadership team has managed to unlock a new mission to save failing hospitals. Dr. Prem Reddy has become adept at turning the tide for healthcare facilities on the verge of foreclosure.

Led by Dr. Prem Reddy, Prime Healthcare continues its promise to provide clinical excellence and compassionate care to patients and families in more than 600 communities across the United States.